Julia is presenting at the Baltimore Montessori Conference

Come spend two days with Julia this June at the Baltimore Montessori conference. She will spend one day diving deep into the primary (ages 3 to 6) math curriculum and another day focusing on the more advanced language materials that we can do with our third year primary students.

Here's some more information on each of the talks.

Diving Deep into Math: Back to our Roots

math roots baltimore montessori conference

Math is the study of relationships, quantities, and symbols. But how do we know when a child is ready to move forward? What if they are stuck on the tens board? What if their bank game work is a mess? When should we really introduce those finger charts? In this one-day workshop, we’ll talk about the evolution of math, Montessori theory, Neurodevelopmental research (yes, Julia will happily geek-out with you on this one), and the practical application of all of that together in the children’s house. We’ll review the foundations of the math presentations and leave you with a bank game you will be dying to play for all four operations! We’ll also look at how you’ll know when a child is ready to move on to the next presentation, what the next presentation should be, and what elementary teachers want children to have before they move up.

Taking your 3rd Years to New Heights in Language

baltimore conference talk on advanced primary language

Dr. Montessori wrote that our intention with language education is to help children achieve “total reading.” Total reading means children can completely integrate the written word. They can abstract what they read by absorbing and understanding the emotions of the author; this allows them to read between the lines. They can also analyze the feeling, style, and mood of a text. But how do we help them get there? This 6-hour workshop goes deep into the reading, function of words, word study, and reading analysis lessons we can offer children. Participants will leave ready to reinvigorate their language lessons for children who are solid phonetic readers.

These refreshers are being offered by the Greenspring Center for Lifelong Learning as part of the June 20-23 Baltimore Montessori conference. Hope to see you there!

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