Red Corolla: Guide to the Montessori Cultural Area

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The Red Corolla is the authoritative guide to the Montessori Cultural area in book format! It includes details for presenting physics, botany, zoology, history, geography, music, and art! Most of the information is focused on the early childhood level (primary, ages 3-6) but there are also details on matching each topic to the infant/toddler and elementary years. (Dr. Montessori's view of cosmic education actually begins at birth.) This book is especially helpful for early childhood classrooms but is also a wonderful support for the elementary age.

Take a moment to look at the excerpts from the book in the photos. The author offers us an organized grouping of presentations that fall into the Montessori "Cultural" area. Each topic includes details about the materials required, steps to follow, sensorial keys, and pedagogical notes. But even more than this, Ms. Stephenson gives us delicious background information about botany, physics, geography, and more. She describes, for example, how she guides her adult students to take a botany walk searching for and collecting all of the many shapes and formations of leaves. How she encourages them to visit museums of all sorts to deepen their own knowledge of art. The list goes on and on with delightful ways for adults to embrace human culture and then offer that knowledge and joy to the children.

This book is brought to you by the perfect soul: renowned AMI consultant and educator Susan Stephenson. Susan is Montessori trained from birth through adolescence, attended the AMI Train the Trainer's for the birth to age 3 level, is an AMI examiner, is a sought after speaker, and has traveled the world supporting Montessorians in all locations from Morocco to Nepal to California and everywhere in between!

Even if you already have a gorgeous cultural album, you need this! Read it as a staff and watch your own sense of community grow.

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