Phonogram Alphabet Digital

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Do your children get stuck on phonograms with the traditional movable alphabet? Not any more! Put the phonogram alphabet right alongside your traditional alphabet and watch the children thrive. You won't need to feed them words anymore. Right from the beginning, they can write the words that are relevant to their life!  One of the greatest obstacles to ongoing movable alphabet work is the child's lack of freedom to write what they want. With these alphabets side-by-side, their voice will come out!

  • Choose from any of our three Montessori fonts (to match the sandpaper letters)

  • Print your cards on heavy card stock and cut to 2"W x 2"H (print the file one time to get 10 of each phonogram)

  • Phonograms/digraphs are green to match the sandpaper letters

  • Includes 17 phonograms (ai as in paint, ar as in yarn, au as in Paul, ch as in chip, ee as in tree, er as in fern, ie as in pie, ng as in king, oa as in boat, oo as in book, or as in corn, ou as in cloud, oy as in boy, qu as in quick, sh as in ship, th as in moth, ue as in blue)

  • Pair this with our Traditional Alphabet (sold separately) so your child can choose from all of the key sounds of English

  • Store your alphabet letter cards in a craft box (see note below).

Comes with a powerful lesson plan that will bring the alphabet work to life.


Don't want to make these yourself? You can purchase your alphabets already made, fully laminated with rounded corners and ready to use.

Item #: MAPH-PDC

Craft Box for Storage: We like the 40-compartment box available from the Container Store because it has a transparent lid that helps keep the dust out without hiding the letters.

Helpful hint: Whenever you start work with any movable alphabet, remember that the first lesson is how to carry the box, take letters out, and put them back in. Don't be afraid to practice doing this many times before you write a single word.  

How Maitri Digital Works

You can view and print (up to 10 times) this file using secure software (the LockLizard PDF viewer). Here’s how it works when you purchase this product:  

  1. Immediately receive an email with a link to download the secure PDF file (a .PDC document).
  2. Within one business day, receive an email with links to (1) install the software required to use the PDC file and (2) activate your license.
  3. Install the software, activate your license, and view/print your PDC file.

We’ve tested this on our devices, so we know from personal experience that the software is easy and quick to install and the viewer works just like you’d expect a PDF viewer to work. For more information, you can watch this video on how to open a PDC file.

You can activate your license on up to two Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices (e.g., your laptop and phone) but you can only print the files from a Mac or Windows PC. Once the software is installed and your files are downloaded, you can view and print the PDC files offline.

Click here to see all the details on our Digital Support page.

Personal Use

Your purchase gives you license to view and print your PDC file for your personal use. Because printers don’t always print as expected and materials sometimes get lost or damaged, you can print the file up to 10 times. After that, your access will expire. You do not have license to copy, sell, or in anyway distribute/share the printed product or the file itself.

Important Note About Printing

Note that printing a single page or multiple copies of a single page counts toward the total print count (e.g., printing only page four 10 times will use up your entire print allotment). If you print the whole file once, you'll have 10 of each phonogram ready to cut out. Be mindful to choose the exact pages you would like to print and only print one copy at a time, otherwise you may use up your prints inadvertently. If you need to print more copies, just purchase the product again.

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