Small Cloth Pouches

$9.95 USD

These 4.25"W x 2.5"H (approx.) fabric pouches are a beautiful way to present your Maitri Learning cards to the children. These are the highest quality you will ever find...perfect seams, fully-lined, just gorgeous!

The single interior pocket elegantly stores our small Puzzle Word, Grammar, or Word Study cards. You can place these on a shelf just like a basket or tray, ready for the children to choose. We offer them in an array of coordinating colors. Get one of each! 

  • One-interior pocket to hold cards
  • Folded exterior size is approx. 4.25"W x 2.5"H
  • Use to display our Grammar, Word Study, and Puzzle Word Cards
  • 100% cotton (soft and washable)

Choose from the Options drop-down menu to select the pouches you need.

Made in the USA.


  • Berry: P1SBERY (coordinates with our Contractions cards)
  • Camel: P1SCAMEL
  • Cerulean Blue: P1SCERBLUE (coordinates with our Adjective cards)
  • Chartreuse: P1SCHART (coordinates with our Synonym cards)
  • Cyan: P1SCYAN (coordinates with our Article cards)
  • Deep Red: P1SDPRED
  • Green: P1SGREEN
  • Grey: P1SGREY (coordinates with our Compound Word cards)
  • Ivory: P1SIVORY
  • Lemon: P1SLEM (coordinates with our Animal Group cards)
  • Light Blue: P1SLTBLUE
  • Orange: P1SORANG (coordinates with our Adverb cards)
  • Peach: P1SPEACH (coordinates with our Homonym cards)
  • Pine: P1SPINE
  • Pink: P1SPINK
  • Purple: P1SPURP (coordinates with our Masculine & Feminine cards)
  • Red: P1SRED (coordinates with our Verb and Phonetic Activity cards)
  • Teal: P1STEAL (coordinates with our Antonyms cards)
  • Toffee: P1STOF
  • Set/19: P1SSET/19
  • Word Study Set/11: P1WSSET/11
  • Set/8 Brights (Berry, Cerulean Blue, Chartreuse, Cyan, Lemon, Orange, Purple, Red): P1SBRIGHTS/8
  • Set/5 Earth Tones (Camel, Ivory, Light Blue, Pine, Toffee): P1SEARTH/5
  • Set/5 Pastels  (Grey, Ivory, Light Blue, Peach, Pink) P1SPASTEL/5