Home School Starter Set

$1,119.95 USD

Do you have one or more children at home that you are educating according to the Montessori language curriculum? Then this package is for you. We'll send you all of the products listed below fully laminated, ready to use, and accompanied by detailed lesson plans. All this plus over a 15% savings off individual prices!

Our homeschool collection includes the basics of what you need to get started:

Cloth pouch collection for Homeschool

Add on a set of our Homeschool Collection Cloth Pouches to display and elegantly hold your card materials in your child's learning environment. You don't need a pouch for each material because you will be rotating materials in and out of the same pouches (this keeps the environment always full of interesting surprises: what's in the orange 3-part card pouch today?)

ITEM #s:

  • Card and Book materials: HOMSCH-STRT
  • Cloth pouch collection: PHOMSCH-STRT

Why we chose these materials

You don't need everything a typical classroom teacher needs because you don't have 30 children in your environment. Instead, you need a good selection of materials to get the work going and then to inspire the children to ultimately create their own materials. This collection is a great way to get them started.

You also don't need vocabulary cards because you can use one set from the matching cards and the photo-only card from the 3-part cards on their own until the children begin reading. In large classrooms, you'll want the vocabulary cards and matching cards out at the same time as the 3-part cards (so the young ones and the older ones might work on the same topic). In home schools, you can rotate.

We've chosen the 3-part and parts of materials you need to spark your study of plants, vertebrates, and insects. 

Other things you'll need

In addition (not part of the Maitri Learning collection) to what is included above, you will also need a few other items to make your Montessori language program complete:

There are also many additional items to make. You can find out more about the language program by reading the following book:

And most of all, you'll need paper, pencils, scissors, an appropriate stapler, tape, a hole punch, and all kinds of other craft supplies so that your children can make their own language materials and books!