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Explore the world with our geography materials, presenting cultural, political, and physical distinctions from around the globe. These Montessori-inspired resources make geography and flag study engaging and educational for young learners. They also introduce concepts of equity by showing comparable images of life around the globe.

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"Parts of" the Flag <p>3-Part Reading - Maitri Learning"Parts of" the Flag <p>3-Part Reading - Maitri Learning
Spanish Parts of the Flag 3-Part CardsSpanish Parts of the Flag 3-Part Cards
Scratch & Dent Sale "Parts of" the Flag <p>3-Part Reading - Maitri Learning"Parts of" the Flag <p>3-Part Reading - Maitri Learning
Imperfect Parts of the Flag 3-Part Reading Sale price$11.00 USD Regular price$19.95 USD

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Begin with our Land & Water series to present physical geography in a concrete way. What does a lake look like? What is the opposite of a lake (an island)? These compliment the physical land & water forms found in many montessori preschool classrooms.

Our Flag materials focus on political aspects of countries and what a flag means. See how these materials can inspire children to create their own flags that represent meaning from their family and life.

Our Geography Folders present cultural diversity and similarity using parallel themes across continents. Use these to spark the children's curiosity about equity and diversity in all areas of our planet.

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Best for:

  • PreK
  • K
  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3

Align with Common Core Standards:

  • K.RL and 1.RL—Key Ideas and Details
  • K.SL.1—Comprehension and Collaboration
  • K.L.4—Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • K.L.5—Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • K.L.6—Vocabulary Acquisition and Use