Alphabet Box

$9.95 USD

Get the dust out! These craft boxes have a transparent lid so children can easily see all the letters even when the alphabet lid is closed on the shelf. No more aversion to alphabet work caused by dirty letters! Because it includes adjustable dividers, you can use this box for any of our movable alphabets. In a perfect world, you'll want one for each alphabet. They can even stack on top of each other if you're tight on shelf space. 

  • Includes 20 dividers you can place wherever you like (for the traditional and black alphabets, some letters will have to share a bin, see photos for examples)
  • Hinged, transparent lid
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships to continental US only

Helpful hint: Whenever you start work with any movable alphabet, remember that the first lesson is how to carry the box, take letters out, and put them back in. Don't be afraid to practice doing this many times before you write a single word. 

Note: This box is not the perfect solution for the alphabets but we have found it to be a workable container if you (1) give the initial lessons noted in the helpful hint above and (2) follow a few recommendations. The drawbacks are that there are not enough compartments to house each letter individually, the edges aren't as smooth as we'd like, and the dividers are not permanently fixed to the box. To overcome these limitations, we recommend that the letters on the bottom row share compartments. We prefer to put the s and t (commonly used) in one compartment on the left, the u, v, and w (all infrequently used) in a large middle compartment, and the x, y, and z (all infrequently used) in a large right compartment (see the red alphabet photo for an example). Some teachers also like to use rubber bands around each letter stack but I find that this slows the work down too much. Test the options and find what works best for you and your children.

Once you find the compartment set-up you like, you may want to hot glue each divider to the bottom of the box (so letters don't slide through and wandering hands don't pull them out).


As an alternative, traditional alphabets can be housed in an egg carton. We recommend placing two plastic cartons (one 18-egg carton and one 12-egg carton) side-by-side and hot gluing the bottoms to a piece of foam board or chipboard.

Another alternative is a velvet 30 compartment jewelry box like this one (we found it on Amazon). We've been using it in a public school Montessori classroom for months and it is holding up...the children love to touch it's soft sides.