Imperfect Phonogram Dictionary

$15.50 USD

This is just like our first quality dictionary except there is a slight production error that made us judge it as second quality. The error may be the binding is less than perfect, the printing on the tabs is not quite centered, there is a small hair in the laminate on one or more pages or a larger spot on one or more pages. Often the error is only on one page and customers can't find it (but we can)! Other than that, these are perfect and complete. Our production error means big savings for you!

The Phonogram Dictionary is THE reference for the key spelling variations in English. Use this once the child knows all of the key sounds (green sandpaper letters) and begins asking for accurate spellings. When they are reading and come across a word with a spelling variation they do not recognize, they simply look for that variation on the tab, open to the corresponding page, and reveal the corresponding key sound.

Inspired by London AMI Trainer Muriel Dwyer, we offer the dictionary in several different formats. Choose the one that (1) matches your sandpaper letters and (2) is organized in the format you prefer (by key sound or alphabetically). Muriel Dwyer preferred that the dictionary be indexed by sound. The sound groupings mean that each time the child skims through the tabs, the spelling variations for the key sounds are reinforced.

Available dictionary format are as follows:

  • Cursive sandpaper letter reference, indexed and grouped by key sound (recommended)
  • Cursive sandpaper letter reference, indexed alphabetically
  • Print sandpaper letter reference, indexed and grouped by key sound
  • Print sandpaper letter reference, indexed alphabetically

The Phonogram Dictionary can also be used as a control of error for the culminating activity ("the test") of the Phonogram Folders.

The tabs are not pre-attached but included in the dictionary ready for you to affix.