Phonogram Print Alphabet

$24.95 USD

Do your children get stuck on phonograms with the traditional movable alphabet? Not any more! Put the phonogram alphabet right alongside your traditional alphabet and watch the children thrive. You won't need to feed them words anymore. Right from the beginning, they can write the words that are relevant to their life!  One of the greatest obstacles to ongoing movable alphabet work is the child's lack of freedom to write what they want. With these alphabets side-by-side, their voice will come out!

  • Choose from any of our three Montessori fonts (to match your sandpaper letters)
  • Fully laminated with rounded corners to acknowledge the tactile sensitivities of those small hands
  • All letters are printed on only one side to isolate the phonogram
  • Cards are approx. 2"W x 2"H and eco-printed on only one side (to isolate the difficulty)
  • Includes 10 of each of 17 phonograms (ai as in paint, ar as in yarn, au as in Paul, ch as in chip, ee as in tree, er as in fern, ie as in pie, ng as in king, oa as in boat, oo as in book, or as in corn, ou as in cloud, oy as in boy, qu as in quick, sh as in ship, th as in moth, ue as in blue)
  • Comes with a powerful lesson plan that will bring the alphabet work to life
  • Pair with our traditional pink/blue alphabet (sold separately)


Cloth Pouches: Our favorite way to house and display our alphabets is in our Alphabet Cloth Pouches. These are color-coded to match your alphabet. 

You can also display and organize these in a craft box (like the one available from the Container Store; box not included).

And just so you know, we thought we came up with the idea to create this alphabet after watching the children struggle with the traditional alphabet. But as it turns out, a long time ago AMI trainers developed a green phonogram alphabet to use alongside the traditional pink and blue alphabet but it somehow got lost overtime. Well, now it's back!


Created by a Montessori teacher. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office.

Rather craft these yourself? Just purchase a Digital File and you'll be ready to print and cut your own alphabet.


Made in the USA.


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