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Spanish Land & Water 1 Book

$13.95 USD

Finally, our best selling Land & Water book is available in Spanish! Now you can use real locations to clearly depict the 10 basic land and water geographic formations of island, lake, archipelago, system of lakes, cape, bay, peninsula, gulf, isthmus, and strait.
  • 10 geographic formations that match the land & water trays
  • Full-color photo of one form on the left page (10 forms total, see image)
  • Clear definition on the facing page
  • Defined term is printed in red
  • Fully laminated
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared pages)
  • Tightly spiral bound so they lay flat when open (so children can follow the model to draw their own books)
  • Created by a Montessori teacher
  • Eco-printed in our rural New England office

Also available in English and Chinese (developed with the AMI Training Center of China).

Made in the USA.


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