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Imperfect Utensils Object-to-Photo Matching

$9.50 USD

Select with or without matching objects from the drop-down menu.

This packet is just like our first quality cards except there is a slight production error that made us judge it as second quality. The error may be that the colors are slightly off, the images slightly askew, a spot or small hair in the laminate on one or more cards, and/or a slight curve to the laminate. Often the error is only on one cards and customers can't find it (but we can)! Other than that, these are perfect and complete. Our production error means big savings for you!

Finally, there are identical and similar matching materials with objects and pictures! No more hours spent finding your own objects and making perfectly matching cards. We worked with Studio June to create this set designed especially for toddlers.

This set of materials includes one set of realistic replica objects and two sets of cards. These materials can be used in combination for many different language lessons including:

  • Objects

  • Objects and exact match cards

  • Objects and similar match cards

Start with the objects themselves for language lessons and exploration. Next, introduce the identical matching cards. Show the child how to place the objects on the cards and line them up for a perfect match. Then, introduce the similar matching cards that feature a slightly different version of the original utensils (e.g., a slightly different ladle, wooden spoon, spatula, etc.).

The Utensils set includes:

  • Six replica kitchen utensils (when ordered with objects)

  • Utensil caddy to hold/display all objects (when ordered with objects)

  • Six identical matching toddler cards (approx. 8.5" x 11")

  • Six similar matching toddler cards (approx. 8.5" x 11")

  • Detailed lesson plan/instructions for use

All of our Toddler cards have rounded corners and are laminated with a special, heavier-weight (8 mil) food-grade laminate.

Note: Because our suppliers sometimes update their object offerings, objects and photos are subject to change.