Imperfect Masculine & Feminine: Word Study

$5.50 USD

Our discounted/seconds materials are have not passed our strict quality control process (seconds stands for second-quality). Many teachers can't find the error but we can. Type of errors may include:

  • Small spot on one or more cards
  • Color slightly different from the standard
  • Slightly warped/curved laminate
  • Images printed slightly askew

Aside from any noted errors, these packets/sets are perfect and complete (every card you need is included). Great bargains.

  • Right-left format makes it easy to layout cards in columns for matching
  • Color-coded (purple for humans, lilac for animas)) to distinguish these cards from other word study materials
  • Each packet has 13 pairs of matching cards; 26 cards total (including category organizers for masculine and feminine)
  • Choose from animal names or human masculine feminine vocabulary...or get both!
  • One control chart so children can check their own work
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared cards)
  • Fully laminated
  • Cards (not chart) can be displayed in our small purple cloth pouch
  • Comes in a sturdy, clear reclosable bag for storage
  • Lesson plan included

We also offer other related noun materials including Animals and their Young, Animals and their Groups, and Animals and their Homes.

Created by a Montessori teacher with help and guidance from Montessori teachers and teacher trainers. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office. Cards are approximately 2.75" x 1.75". Control chart is approximately 4.25" x 5.5".

Made in the USA.

These are also available as part of our complete Word Study Card Set.


  • Animals: DISWSMFANIM
  • Humans: DISWSMFHUM

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