Imperfect Phonogram Folders

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These are just like our first quality items except there is a slight production error that made us judge it as second quality. The error may be that the colors are slightly off, the images slightly askew. Often the error is only on one card, book, pouch, or envelope and customers can't find it (but we can)! Other than that, these are perfect and complete. Our production error means big savings for you!

Inspired by Montessori trainer Muriel Dwyer, these booklets, cards, and folders take a logical and sequential approach to helping beginning readers learn about the typical variations in English spelling. 

The complete Phonogram Folders Set includes:

  • 14 folders each labeled with one of the key sounds from the sandpaper letters (ai, au, e, ee, er, f, ie, j, oa, or, ou, oy, s, and ue).
  • Each folder contains a card and booklet for each common spelling variation within that key sound. For example, there are five booklets and five cards in the ee folder: ee, e-e, ea, ie, and y.

There are 42 booklets in the set. Each booklet:

  • Contains 10 words with the spelling variation (e.g., ph) isolated in red
  • Has the color-coded key sound (from the sandpaper letters) printed on the back cover (as a reference)
  • Is laminated with rounded corners
  • Is tightly spiral bound
  • Is approx. 1.5"h x 3.75"w
    Similarly, there are 42 phonogram cards in the set (one that matches each booklet). Each phonogram card:
    • Features the key sound printed in large, bold, red letters on the front
    • Has the color-coded key sound (from the sandpaper letters) printed in small letters on the back (as a control of error)
    • Is laminated with rounded corners
    • Is approx. 3.75"h x 4.25"w

    The cards and booklets for each key sound are all kept together in a lovely little envelope (folder). Each pouch is labeled with the key sound in large bold letters. You can store your set of all 14 folders in the box it comes in. Take off the lid and put it right on the shelf!

    The envelope folders need a careful presentation so that the envelopes will last. Julia (Maitri Learning's founder) had an envelope set in her classroom that lasted for years. Here are the details:

    • Red envelopes:
      • Smooth heavyweight paper (not laminated) with a felted finish
      • Printed with the key sound in bold
      • Approx. 6.25"h x 7.5"w

    Cork Folders (Pouches only; no cards/books)

    If you just want to upgrade your folders and don't need the cards/booklets, definitely think about these cork pouches. We made a printing error when we made these cork pouches and printed them wrong-end-in. So, instead of rounded corners on top, they have square corners. You may not even notice this difference!
    • Cork folders:
      • Includes 14 cork pouches (no booklets or cards)
      • Made from incredibly soft, appealing, and ecologically-sound cork with a fabric backing
      • Durable; built to last
      • Luxurious to touch yet easy to wipe clean
      • Printed with the key sound in bold
      • Approx. 6.25"H x 7"W with rounded corners



        These folders were first designed by Muriel Dwyer, AMI teacher trainer in the United Kingdom and Africa. She worked extensively in both English and Swahili which are both partially phonetic languages. Ms. Dwyer adapted Dr. Montessori’s approach (which was developed for Italian, a purely phonetic language) for use in any language that is partially phonetic. The Dwyer system is regularly incorporated into AMI Montessori programs around the world. 

        Folder contents are as follows:

          Folder Key Sound

          Cards & Booklets (1 for each)

          Total # Cards

          Total # Booklets

           ai ai, a-e, ay, ei 4 4
          au au, aw 2 2
          e e, ea 2 2
          ee ee, ea, e-e, ie, y 5 5
          er er, ir, ur 3 3
          f f, ph 2 2
          ie ie, i-e, igh, y 4 4
          j j, ge, gi 3 3
          oa oa, o-e, oe, ow 4 4
          or or, ore 2 2
          ou ou, ow 2 2
          oy oy, oi 2 2
          s s, ce, ci 3 3
          ue ue, ew, oo, u-e 4 4
          Total 42 42

              Note: Don't worry about teaching every possible pattern of spelling variation in English; that would be an overwhelming task. Instead, we show the children enough examples to convey that English spelling requires flexibility and practice. The rest comes with reading and writing experience.