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Prototype Phonogram Folders

$69.95 USD

Before we finalized our design for the Phonogram Folders, we tried many different binding methods. These prototype booklets are printed on cardstock and perfect bound with a sewn, linen binding on the edge. Unlike our final spiral bound books, these are not laminated and will not lay flat when open.

These sets also have a slight difference in word and spelling variation choice. For example, the protoype includes a card and booklet for the 'oar' spelling variation of 'or' but this variation is not included in the final set. These protoypes  provide plenty of spelling variations to get the young reader excited about and interested in refining their spelling.

We also have a few sets of these prototypes that have imperfections such as spots on one or more pages, less than ideal corner rounding or binding, or similar manufacturing defects. If you don't mind the imperfections, enjoy great savings on these imperfect but complete sets.

Inspired by Montessori trainer Muriel Dwyer, these booklets take a logical and sequential approach to helping beginning readers learn about the typical variations in English spelling. 

The complete Phonogram Folders Set includes:

  • 14 folders (choose from cardstock pouches or red envelopes), each labeled with one of the key sounds from the sandpaper letters (ai, au, e, ee, er, f, ie, j, oa, or, ou, oy, s, and ue).
  • Each folder contains a card and booklet for common spelling variation within that key sound. For example, there are five booklets and five cards in the ee folder: ee, e-e, ea, ie, and y.

There are over 40 booklets in the set. Each booklet:

  • Contains 10 words with the spelling variation (e.g., ph) isolated in red
  • Has the color-coded key sound (from the sandpaper letters) printed on the back cover (as a reference)
  • Is tightly perfect bound (linen binding) and sewn
  • Is approx. 1.5"h x 3.75"w
    Similarly, there are over 40 phonogram cards in the set (one that matches each booklet). Each phonogram card:
    • Features the key sound printed in large, bold, red letters on the front
    • Has the color-coded key sound (from the sandpaper letters) printed in small letters on the back (as a control of error)
    • Is laminated with rounded corners
    • Is approx. 3.75"h x 4.25"w

    The cards and booklets for each key sound are all kept together in a lovely little folder (red paper or cardstock envelopes). Each envelope is labeled with the key sound in large bold letters. You can store your set of all 14 folders in the box it comes in. Take off the lid and put it right on the shelf!


      These folders were first designed by Muriel Dwyer, AMI teacher trainer in the United Kingdom and Africa. She worked extensively in both English and Swahili which are both partially phonetic languages. Ms. Dwyer adapted Dr. Montessori’s approach (which was developed for Italian, a purely phonetic language) for use in any language that is partially phonetic. The Dwyer system is regularly incorporated into AMI Montessori programs around the world. 

      Item #: PROT-PHFOLD