Reading Comprehension Collection

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Bundle our core Reading Comprehension materials together into one discounted set and save over 20%!

After children are strong readers at the word level (see our beginning reading materials), they are ready to go deeper in to the complexities of language while they continue building their reading lexicon. Depending on the child, this may happen anywhere from ages 4 to 9 (human development is highly variable; it's more important to follow the child than their birth date). 

We've put together a collection of core materials designed specifically to support reading comprehension in emerging readers. Here are some of the key benefits these activities offer:

  • Practice reading non-phonetic words:
  • Introduce capitalization
  • Introduce and encourage exploration of the function of words (grammar)
  • Introduce specific word studies (like homonyms, antonyms, and synonyms)
  • Practice building words and phrases that follow the mechanics they are exploring

Here's what you'll find in our Reading Comprehension Collection:

Add-on our custom-made Cloth Pouches to display your cards as you rotate them through your environment:

Note: Baskets, boxes, and wooden holders not included.

PS: When children are at this stage, encourage them to choose fiction and non-fiction books that intrigue them. You might want to schedule weekly trips to your local library to feed their reading appetite. 


  • READCOMP/19 (no pouches)
  • READCOMP+pouch/63 (includes all pouches)