The Montessori Approach to Music

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This book, required reading in many Montessori teacher training courses, provides us with a clear vision of and detailed look at music in the Montessori environment. Dr. Montessori recognized the significance of music in the lives of children. She envisioned that all children would receive a thorough and developmentally-based education in music. This book explains how.

Inside you’ll find the insights of Dr. Montessori interwoven with the musical knowledge of Anna Maccheroni. Ms. Maccheroni was a musician, gifted Montessori teacher, and colleague of Dr. Montessori. She had both a deep understanding of Montessori principles and a strong background in music.

Within these pages, you'll find the depth and richness of musical experience for children that is the legacy of Maria Montessori and Anna Maccheroni – a legacy to embrace and a responsibility to carry forward. 

Paperback; 208 pages