Imperfect Medium Cloth Pouches

23,00 zł

These are just like our first quality pouches but have a slight sewing defect. For example, the seams may be slightly askew or the white bobbin thread may poke through on the colored fabric. Other than that, these are perfect and completely usable.

These fabric pouches are a beautiful way to present your Maitri Learning cards to the children. These are the highest quality you will ever find...perfect seams, fully-lined, just gorgeous! The single interior pocket elegantly stores our vocabulary, matching, puzzle words, or math (addition, multiplication, and subtraction) equation cards. You can place these on a shelf just like a basket or tray, ready for the children to choose. You can even line them up on a wooden holder to display several at once. We've added lots of colors to bring more beauty and refined color-coding to your class.

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One-interior pocket to hold cards

  • Folded exterior size is approx. 5.25"W x 4.5"H
  • 100% cotton (soft and washable)

Made in the USA.

Note: We have limited quantities of Spring Green, Cocoa, and Tan. Get them while they last!

  • Berry: DISP1MBERRY
  • Cerulean blue: DISP1MCERBLUE
  • Camel: DISP1MCAMEL
  • Chartreuse: DISP1MCHART
  • Cocoa: DISP1MCOCO
  • Deep red: DISP1MDPRED
  • Green: DISP1MGREEN
  • Grey: DISP1MGREY
  • Ivory: DISP1MIVORY
  • Lemon: DISP1MLEM
  • Light blue: DISP1MLTBLUE
  • Orange: DISP1MORANG
  • Peach: DISP1MPEACH
  • Pine: DISP1MPINE
  • Pink: DISP1MPINK
  • Purple: DISP1MPURP
  • Red: DISP1MRED
  • Spring green: DISP1MSPRING
  • Tan: DISP1MTAN
  • Teal: DISP1MTEAL
  • Toffee: DISP1MTOF