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Article: Teacher Burnout: How administrators help and hurt at NSSC this week

Teacher Burnout: How administrators help and hurt at NSSC this week

This week in Philadelphia, join Julia Volkman for the National Small Schools Conference. She will be presenting the preliminary results of the Teacher Mentoring year-long research study. Julia has been leading that research study along with Dr. Ann Epstein, Dr. Ian Becker, Heather Gerker, and Nikki Conyers. The study is investigating the influence of mentoring on teacher self-efficacy and teacher burnout.

The title of Julia's featured presentation at the conference is Teacher Burnout: How Administrators Help and Hurt. If you're working with teams at a school, you don't want to miss it.

The research team is hoping to finish analyzing the data and prepare articles for publication later this year. We'll post results here too so stay tuned!

You can see full details of the conference schedule here

If you are an attendee, you can get more information and a special note from Julia here. 

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