Imperfect Parts of the Katydid (Grasshopper) Book

39,00 zł

This is just like our first quality book except there is a slight production error that made us judge it as second quality. The error may be that the colors are slightly off, the pages slightly askew, a spot or small hair in the laminate on one or more pages, and/or a slight curve to the laminate. Often the error is only on one page and customers can't find it (but we can)! Other than that, these are perfect and complete. Our production error means big savings for you!

Yes, a katydid is just like a grasshopper. This particular model jumped onto my desk one day when I had left the screen door open (it was so lovely out). I didn't even know she wasn't a grasshopper until I analyzed the photos after returning her to the great outdoors. Then, my zoologist friend confirmed she was a katydid with an ovipositor loaded full of eggs. This book lets you examine her fascinating anatomy without the risk of her jumping away. The photos include the featured part in full-color while the rest of the image fades into muted shades of gray. For the first time, it is really clear what we want them to focus on!

  • Fully laminated pages and covers show the key parts of the Katydid (see photo for list)
  • Sized for the child's hand: 4¼” x 5¼”
  • Tightly spiral bound to lie flat on the workspace
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared pages)
  • Lesson plan included

Created by a Montessori teacher and a zoologist. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office.

Made in the USA.



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