A Scientific Approach to Early Language

A scientific approach to early language learning article


This is an article Julia wrote for Mind Brain Ed's ThinkTank magazine. In a nutshell, it presents the big picture of the Montessori approach to early language learning with a little bit of research sprinkled in. The article explains how literacy develops follow five key steps:

  1. Spoken Language: Create an internal dictionary and practice using the words in it
  2. Phonemic Awareness: Learn to hear the sounds within words
  3. Letter-Sound Knowledge: Learn the symbols of an alphabetic language and the sounds that each makes
  4. Creating Words (Writing): Learn to put those sounds/symbols together to make words
  5. Reading: Learn to decode those sounds/symbols to decipher words

You can read the full article and learn more about this amazing group of language educators. The magazine was first created by the Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group (BRAIN SIG) in the Japan Association of Language Teaching. Their overarching goal is to bring the neuroscience of learning to the practical method of teaching language. They are a great example of what a small group of interested people can do when they pull together.

January 08, 2020 by Maitri Admin
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