THE Interview (part 2): Paula Lillard Preschlack on The Montessori Potential

Here it is, the second video recording my amazing interview with author Paula Lillard Preschlack! In this second in the series video, we talk about:

montessori interview paula lillard preschlack
  • The Eight Character Traits that we are striving to develop in our children.
  • How we can help children RE-engage and deal with the overwhelming sense of helplessness they feel as the burden of the future is placed on their shoulders
  • How do we tell the difference between when a child is repeating something and we're not sure if it's skillful or unskillful? How does it come into play with our work with families?

Watch below to get your answers to these questions and more in this edition of our interview with author and Montessorian, Paula Lillard Preschlack. Or, read all about it in her new book, The Montessori Potential.

Stay tuned for more installments!

February 01, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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