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Article: Where do I start with Fine Art?

Where do I start with Fine Art?


I don't know anything about fine art and I feel a little intimidated about trying to teach it to my children. But, I don't want them to feel left out or ignorant about art like I do. Where should I start?


You are not alone. Many of us were not brought up visiting museums or looking at books of fine art. But don't let this hold you back. Art is all about creative expression and mastering different techniques to express one's vision beautifully. And because it's about a vision, when we look at it or think about it, there is really no one right or wrong answer. Everyone's opinion is valid because it's art! It's really a great equalizer when you think about it this way.

You can learn about art together with your children no matter how old they are. You don't have to know anything before you begin. Here's what we recommend.

  1. Start by introducing our Fine Art Display Cards. Use these larger format cards to explore the details of each piece of art and learn about the year it was made, the artist, and the art's style.
  2. Then, move on to our Fine Art Matching cards. These allow children to work with the artwork they love in a new way.
  3. When the children begin to write, inspire them to write about their favorite art using the movable alphabet, chalkboards, or pencil/paper (whatever is appropriate for that child).
  4. Once the children are reading non-phonetic words, introduce the 3-Part Fine Art Cards. Then, move on to the 3-Part Artist Cards where they match the names of the artists with their image.
  5. Finally, after the children succeed with the 3-part Fine Art cards, introduce the Fine Art 4-Part Cards where they match the artwork, its name, and its artists. 

This process grows with your child. But even if you're starting at older ages, always begin with the Fine Art Display Cards. That is where you'll find all the essential information about each piece of art. 

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