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Inspire, Play, Learn

Scroll down to see our teaching resources and learning materials that help you nurture the entire human ecosystem of early childhood development. 

Practical Life

Children want to help cook, clean, and do whatever else you are doing. Dress them for success with our aprons and mats.


Language Learning/ELA

Have fun while learning to write, read, and spell.  The Maitri Learning™ Language System inspires young children with the transformative potential of the written word while also teaching them how to write and read. It is rooted in a playful love of language. Choose English, Spanish, German, French, or Chinese.



Even young children can do addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division when given the right materials and supports.



    Expand beyond your community to study cultural, political, and physical distinctions around the world.

    Use our Land & Water Cards, Flags Cards, & Geography Folders





    Use the young child’s natural love of animals and nature to inspire reading comprehension activities and research.

    Use our Zoology Cards, “Parts of” Cards, Definition Books, and Book & Card Sets.


    Fine Art

    From conversation to artist identification, our selection of classic fine artwork from around the world lays the foundation for art expression and future studies.


    Adult Education

    Enjoy learning more about teaching and learning with our Adult Education Books &  Teacher Education Manuals



    Organize and display your activities so they are just gorgeous to look at and very inviting. We make custom cloth pouches to match all of our card materials.