Spanish Movable Alphabet Digital

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Want to craft your own materials? This secure PDF (a .PDC file) lets you print and cut your own cards!  

Alfabeto Móvil Español Descargar PDF

¿Quieres hacer tus propios materiales? ¡Estos archivos PDF le permiten imprimir y cortar sus propias letras del alfabeto que coinciden con las fuentes utilizadas en la mayoría de las aulas Montessori! Si lo prefiere, puede comprar sus alfabetos ya hechos, completamente plastificados con esquinas redondeadas y listos para usar.

Are your children able to hear all of the sounds in words when you play the Sound Game? Do they know their pink, blue, and green sandpaper letters? Can they tell you little stories/give you news about their life, their interests? Then it's time for movable alphabet work! 

  • Choose from our two Montessori fonts (to match the sandpaper letters)

  • Print your cards on heavy card stock and cut to 1.25"W x 2"H; accents are 1.25"W x 1"H

  • Print the file one time to get 10 of each single letter, 20 of each high frequency letter, and 20 of each vowel

  • Consonants are pink and vowels are blue to match the sandpaper letters

  • Store your alphabet letter cards in egg cartons or our alphabet cloth pouches.

Comes with a powerful lesson plan that will bring the alphabet work to life.


Don't want to make these yourself? You can purchase your alphabets already made, fully laminated with rounded corners and ready to use.

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