Imperfect The 1946 London Lectures

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This is just like our first quality book except there is a slight exterior condition that made us judge it as second quality. This could be a discoloration, bend or mark but the interior is in good condition and complete. This means big savings for you!

This is the Montessori book you MUST have. If you only buy one, start here. These are the lectures Dr. Montessori gave as part of the 1946 teacher training course in London, six years before her death. She and her son Mario had just returned from exile in India during World War 2. The power of that historical moment is alive and trembling throughout these talks. 

In each lecture, the reader can sense that Montessori has travelled the world and has observed, profoundly and scientifically, an immense amount of children. Maria Montessori speaks with the mature wisdom of a lifetime spent studying, not just early childhood, but human development as a whole: from infancy through adolescence. The impact of these lectures was so profound that they became the foundation of AMI’s 3-6 courses. 

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Paperback; 242 pages