Direct Support for the Montessori Method

Note that this list only includes well-controlled, peer-reviewed clinical studies. There are many other quasi-experimental or methodologically-weak studies that have been conducted on Montessori education. Note also that all of these reliable studies found support only for the Montessori method when implemented in accordance with the standardized practice taught by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the organization Dr. Montessori founded and entrusted to maintain her teachings.

Conceptual Support for Montessori Ideas

Why we need early education

Why we have freedom AND discipline (responsible choices): Executive Functions

Why we allow children to choose their work (sparks interest):

  • Renninger, K. A., & Hidi, S. (2011). Revisiting the conceptualization, measurement, and generation of interest. Educational Psychologist46(3), 168-184.

Grace & courtesy in the early childhood classroom

    Support for sandpaper letters

    Why cursive is preferred: Theory

    Mixed-aged group

    How rewards and punishments get in the child's way

    Why we isolate the stimuli and use multi-sensory teaching apparatus

    Support for the practice of fading and observing immediately after giving a lesson

       Support for no dress up in the classroom

      Why we do one thing at a time; Multi-tasking has a high cost

      Practical life activities support motor skill development

      Why we color code all the activitie

      Research on the history of the method in the US

      Why we keep our walls and shelves uncluttered