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Speaking & Listening: Preparation for Reading

Before you can read, you must hear language and learn to speak it yourself. Use these cards to have conversations about things that your children are interested in all while building their vocabulary.

Use our Toddler Cards, Vocabulary Cards, Matching Cards, Geography Cards, & Fine Art Cards


    Writing: Preparation for Reading 

    writing hands on preparation for reading

    Writing is easier than reading so it comes first. Our pre-reading movable alphabets take a playful, awe-inspiring approach to writing that is rooted in exploring language, including the 40 key sounds of English. When children get practice writing words phonetically, they spontaneously start reading. The roots of self-efficacy and agency are built with these alphabet activities.

    Use our Sandpaper Letters, Traditional Movable Alphabet & Phonogram Alphabet



      When your children start sounding out the words they see, it's time to introduce phonetic reading activities. Start with truly phonetic words then quickly branch out to words that include common phonograms (like ch and ee).

      Use our Phonetic 3-Part Cards, Phonetic Word Cards, Phonetic Activity Cards, Phonogram 3-Part Cards, & Phonogram Lists


      Reading for Interest

      Word-level reading is fun! The design of these brilliant materials let learners independently quiz themselves on their vocabulary knowledge while also gaining reading practice. These self-teaching materials present one-word-at-a-time, a truly fun way to introduce the challenge of deciphering non-phonetic words.

      Use our Puzzle Words, 3-Part Cards, Fine-Art Cards, Famous Artists Cards, Zoology Cards, & “Parts of” Cards




      Take a logical, sequential, and playful approach to helping beginning readers learn about the typical variations in English spelling.  

      Use our Phonogram Spelling Folders, Phonogram Dictionary, Solid Color Alphabets, & Word Study Spelling Charts



      Playfully learning how words work (1) instills an understanding of the importance of word order, (2) excites children about the richness of our language, and (3) inspires reading practice. Our grammar activities are specifically designed to ease the beginning reader into reading more and more words, phonetic and non-phonetic, while playfully teaching them how words work together.

      Use our Grammar Cards


        Word Study

        With word study, we build interest and excitement about language. Both of these activities lay a strong foundation for reading comprehension.

        Use our Word Study Cards, & Word Study Charts

          Reading Comprehension/Build-a-Book

          These are our classic Build-a-Book kits. Imagine taking a book apart and putting it back together again? These fun and sometimes silly activities take the science and geography vocabulary children have learned to the next level for deep reading comprehension.

          Use our Definition BooksBook & Card Sets, & Fine Art 4-Part Cards




          These custom-made cloth pouches are a beautiful way to present your Maitri Learning cards to the children. 




          Make your own materials with our math equation cards. The equations give the children examples to work with using the golden beads or stamp game.


          Foreign Language






          Aprons & Mats


          Digital: Craft your own materials!

          Movable Alphabets


          Sandpaper Letters


          Decimal cards




          Adult Education


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