If you or your school could use some support, you are not alone. Here are some resources that may help.


Do you want support for yourself or your colleagues in improving your teaching practice? Do you have specific questions about the pedagogy for early childhood and how to implement it at school or at home? We are here to help.

Maitri Mentoring takes an evidence-based approach to supporting adults. We help you:

  • Focus on what is working well/your strengths
  • Provide content and direction to fill-in gaps in your learning
  • Set realistic and achievable goals that get you where you want to go

Our vision is to have a world where all adults can elegantly and effortlessly support the needs of children and themselves. The teachings of Dr. Montessori and neuroscience have created a path that we can follow. Now we need a community to celebrate our successes and lift us up when we stumble so we can do this work well. Click here to learn more about Maitri Mentoring.

Pedagogy Blog

This is one of the most trusted and recommended blogs in education. Scan these articles to find the answers to the real questions you have about supporting human development for your students, yourself, and your school.


Ask Maitri Blog

Have specific questions you'd like answered? Scroll through our Ask Maitri blog to see if someone else has the same question. Or, send us an email.


Key Articles

These articles put some of the big ideas of neurodevelopmental education into easy to understand terms. Try sharing one of these with your team and discussing it as part of a book club. 

Guided Lesson Plans

Need easy access to a reference on how to give a lesson with any Maitri Learning material? Look no further. You can either click on the links below or get everything in one place in our Teacher Education Albums. 

Video Library

We've compiled a host of Playlists on our YouTube channel that offer model lesson plan presentations. Here are some of our favorite playlists: