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Unlaminated Sale

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Unlaminated Sale

We are discontinuing our unlaminated materials. If you have a good quality laminator/laminate, this is a great way to save some money and get beautiful materials!

Our unlaminated cards are identical to our laminated cards but without the laminate! They are printed on the same lighter weight cardstock paper (60#), cut to size, and have rounded corners. This paper is similar to a smooth resume paper (32#). We use this lighter weight cardstock because heavier weight cardstock tends to pull away from the laminate; it does not adhere well and has a shorter life. When you laminate these cards with a 3 or 5 mil laminate, the result is perfect and lasting.

We recommend the following lamination procedures:

  • Use a 5 mil laminate (roll) or 3 mil (pouch) laminate
  • Round the corners on all cards

If you're not a laminate fan, you could glue these cards onto a heavier weight cardstock backing to make them just a bit sturdier.