Reading Foundations (Oral Language) Collection

$229.95 USD

Bundle our core oral language materials together into one discounted set!

Before your preschoolers can read, they need to build up their vocabulary knowledge (internal dictionary), phonemic awareness (ability to hear the sounds in words), letter-sound knowledge (matching the symbols of language with their sounds) and their segmenting ability (ability to link letters to build words). Here is a small collection of foundational materials designed specifically to support these foundational skills.

  • Matching Cards: Use these for vocabulary building, sorting, matching, and sorting/matching work. Remember, you're not just helping the child build vocabulary knowledge, you're also helping them categorize information (by sorting), interact with the vocabulary they know (matching), and connect vocabulary with their daily lives. With that in mind, we recommend the following six sets (but you can choose the titles that best meet the interests of your children; type in your preference in the notes field when you place your order):

  • Geography Cards Series 1: These are really essential to get your preschooler engaged with ideas of life around the world. Remember that knowledge about the world significantly contributes to future literacy. This series includes:

    • One packet for each of the seven continents with matching themes in each packet (e.g., children at school, people in a parade, people fishing, etc.)

    • One set of 7 folders to display the cards

  • Fine Art Display Cards: Start with two sets of cards and a beautiful cloth pouch to contain/display them. We recommend the World and American sets (these contain fine art that is most relevant for children in North America). You'll only need one pouch because you'll rotate these cards to keep the school environment full of wondrous surprises! This material includes: