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Video of Michigan Montessori Conference 2021 is live!

MMS Conference thumbnail

We've just uploaded the recording from the virtual Michigan Montessori Society Conference that happened November 6, 2021. Julia Volkman, Maitri Learning's founder, led a delightfully interactive conversation with about 80 Montessorians on a Saturday morning.

They took a big picture look at the role of the following key ideas in learning:

  • Plasticity
  • Brain networks
  • Dynamic skill development
  • Executive functions
  • Attention
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • Emotion
  • Memory
  • Metacognition

Thanks to MMS for pulling this together. We were so happy to sponsor this wonderful event.

The Neuroscience of Montessori: Practical Applications Workshop

Join Harvard Teaching Fellow and Montessori educator Julia Volkman for a fun and knowledge-packed trip through the connections between neuroscience research and Montessori theory. This interactive workshop will be filled with practical ways to apply research findings to everyday life at home and at school.