Complete EC Classroom Set

$3,999.95 USD

Buy this complete collection of all of our English book and card materials for Early Childhood (Toddler materials not included) and save over 10%! This comprehensive set includes one of each of our English cards and books fully laminated and ready to use. This includes all of the following:

If you need help refining your presentations for any of these materials, add on our Language Teacher Education Album/Manual.

You can add on a collection of our cloth pouches to elegantly display all of your card materials. We recommend our Classroom Cloth Pouch set which includes the following 78 cloth pouches:

You can also add on a collection of our aprons and matching mats. We recommend our Complete Classroom Collection of 14 aprons and 9 matching mats as follows:

  • Set of seven solid color water-resistant aprons with hook/loop waists and matching mats (Strawberry, Fog grey, Lavender, Maize, Navy, Sage, and Sand)
  • Set of five solid color cloth aprons with hook/loop waists (Cerulean Blue, Ivory, Green, Lemon, and Red)
  • Set of two tie-waist water-resistant aprons and matching mats (Aqua Stripe, Blue Flower)

      Made in the USA. All of our materials meet or exceed CPSIA standards.

      If you need to start smaller than this, check out our Classroom Language Starter Set.

      In addition to what is part of the Maitri Learning set listed above, you will also need a few other items (that Maitri Learning does not carry) to make your Montessori language program complete:

      • Storage/display for movable alphabets (you can use egg cartons or craft boxes)
      • Metal insets
      • A library/reading area (rotate 10 books from your local library each week)
      • Chalkboards
      • Writing/bookmaking materials (paper, pencils, stapler, tape, hole punch, ribbon/yarn/booklet rings, etc.)

      You can learn more about the Montessori early childhood language program by reading the our blog posts and the following book:


      • Complete Book & Card Set with Recommended Fonts: CLALL3-23
      • Complete Book & Card Set with Print Fonts: CLALL3-23-PRINT
      • Classroom Cloth Pouch Collection: CLALL-POUCH/78
      • Classroom Apron/Mat Collection: APCLASS-14/9