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montessori research help needed

We need your help! Julia Volkman (Maitri Learning's founder and faculty on the Brain Health Initiative) is working with Ann Epstein (a professor at the University of Wisconsin) and Suba Jagannathan (a statistician and Montessori mom) to conduct a study on how to support Montessori teachers. 

We need teachers at all age levels who are willing to periodically fill out surveys and reflections. 

Can you help? Your information will be kept confidential and participation is completely voluntary. 

If interested, please complete ALL of the following online forms BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30, 2023:
  1. Informed Consent
  2. Teacher demographic information
  3. Teacher work situation
  4. Copenhagen burnout inventory
  5. Montessori teacher self-efficacy scale
  6. Teacher's learning orientation scale
There will be one more survey to fill out next month. Then, we'll ask you to complete surveys again in January 2024, May 2024, and in May of 2027 we'll ask for an updated Teacher Work Situation survey. That's all it takes to be involved.
Please click on the Informed Consent above to learn more about the study and how your data will be anonymized before it is analyzed. If you'd like to participate, fill out all of the above.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and for participating if you are able!
May all beings benefit,
Julia Volkman
August 21, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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