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Ukraine Montessori & Children Living with War

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Recently, I received an email from Anna Volokhova, founder of the Ukrainian Montessori Community. Anna is on a mission to help Ukrainian children and the adults who care for them. She has assembled a rather extraordinary group of Montessorians who are all working together to help both the children/adults living in Ukraine in the midst of war and those who were displaced due to the war.

And we are trying to help. Here's how:

  • Donating one material to Ukraine Montessori for each Ukraine-themed product we sell
  • Offering our articles and YouTube videos for translation (this is what Anna originally requested when she first reached out)
  • Creating a special video/article on chronic stress, neuroscience, and Montessori
  • Translating some of our materials into Ukrainian and creating PDFs that can be made wherever Ukrainian children live

Would you like to get involved? You can visit their website to make a direct donation, get in touch, and offer what you can. You can also purchase one of our special Ukraine-themed product sets and we will donate one material to Ukraine Montessori for each item purchased.

We are so moved by what we hear of the Ukrainian people and their resilience.  In the midst of the horrors that war brings, there are Ukrainians focused on helping children thrive. This reminds us of how fortunate we are and inspires us to do more.

July 21, 2022 by Julia Volkman
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