Alphabet for a 3-year-old?

My son will be three years old next month. We have been using sandpaper letters with him for 6 months. He can bring me any letter (phonic) I ask for including phonograms. Or will name them (by phonic) himself and bring them to me. He loves doing letters and we don’t have to make time for it because he requests to do them multiple times daily (we play hide and seek for them around his room).

I know it’s a little early because he’s very young and we haven’t been practice the 3 steps of phonetic awareness “I spy game” as often as I’d like to in order to feel he’s ready for the moveable alphabet. How will I know he is ready? He spontaneously but not consistently traces the sand paper letters or random cursive letters he find on things. He has started to tell his own stories and has a wide vocabulary for his age (uses words like “I insist!”, “this is very challenging” and is very descriptive and precise in nature ).

I was considering purchasing the moveable alphabet and phonetic reading cards together. I do plan to homeschool him. But I also don’t want to be too eager. He is having fun and I want to keep it that way and not overwhelm him. Any advice for someone with a not quite 3 year old like this?
Great question! I just want to say, HOORAY for teaching your son the letter AND phonogram sounds. It sounds like your son is really enjoying language work which means you have definitely done something right! My own daughter started to read on her first birthday but my son didn't read until he was six. I'm saying this to remind you to follow the child. Every child is unique. Your son sounds like he is super interested in letters so I would go for it even though he's not quite three. If it becomes a chore, slow down. But if it's fun, keep going.
I agree that the movable alphabet and phonetic 3-part cards are the way to go next. I recommend both the traditional alphabet (pink/blue) and the phonogram alphabet (green). The first alphabet lesson is always how to carry the alphabet containers and take the letters into and out of the container. We really prefer our alphabet cloth pouches to hold the letters but you can also use craft boxes if you prefer (those are a bit more clunky but more affordable). You can read more about the alphabet lessons here. 
Let us know if you have other questions and keep up the great work!
May 30, 2024 by Maitri Admin
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