Furman South Carolina Public School Study

Early results from the Landmark Five-Year Study of Montessori Education in South Carolina (public schools) have been posted. You can read summaries of the findings on the Riley Institute's website. Here are a few highlights from the study's many findings: 

  • Montessori students scored higher in ELA and Social Studies and comparably in Math and Writing to demographically matched non-Montessori students.
  • Montessori students showed higher rates of growth on standardized test scores for both ELA and Math.
  • Montessori students scored better on tests of creativity, social skills, and work habits (results were mixed for executive functions).
  • Montessori students scored better on behavioral measures (in terms of discipline) than non-Montessori students.
  • Montessori teachers generally love their jobs.

    The full study is set to be published this fall. This is great information to share with staff and families.

    October 03, 2017 by Julia Volkman
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