Our materials featured in a turnaround school!

Maitri Learning's materials are in the news!⁠

movable alphabet in action at Libertas

We are so excited to share of the great success that Libertas School of Memphis has had. In the six years since its takeover, Libertas embraced Montessori and transformed one of the lowest performing schools in the state of Tennessee to one that is soaring.⁠

Maitri Learning's president, Julia Volkman, was the founding primary trainer for the school. Maitri Learning's materials are widely used. Some of the materials you will notice throughout the news spot are the traditional movable alphabet in print, the phonetic 3-part reading cards, and the math long division equation cards.⁠

Congrats to Libertas School of Memphis for their work on behalf of the child!⁠

You can find a link to the ABC news spot here.

October 25, 2021 by Maitri Sales
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