Objective Classroom Rating Scale Now Available!

DERSI am just giddy to announce that the most wonderful scientific tool has finally been released by the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS). They have studied exactly what we can witness in thriving Montessori classrooms and connected those behaviors to the domains of executive functions. Now, when you are in a classroom that is struggling, you will have a clear, objective way to identify exactly what the challenges are. I believe this will be incredibly beneficial for staff development because it provides objective, non-judgmental, and formative assessment for Montessori guides. It is a starting point for looking at the living, breathing Montessori environment with clear vision.

This new validated, scientific tool is called the Developmental Environmental Rating Scale (DERS). Because it is a scientific tool, anyone who uses it must receive training before they will be able to use it optimally. You can find out more at the NCMPS website. 

I want to express my deep gratitude to my friends and colleagues at NCMPS, especially Jackie Cossentino and Elizabeth Slade, for this seminal work. May all beings benefit!

October 30, 2016 by Julia Volkman
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