Montessori Research Pool!!

Do you want more high-quality research on Montessori? The Montessori Research Pool can help! Through a collaborative effort, a new, University-based Montessori Research Pool has been created.

How to be included

If you are interested in participating in Montessori research, you can become part of the Montessori Research Pool by filling out this form! We are looking for Montessorians from all walks of life, with or without a training credential. If you are involved in Montessori in some way, we'd love to include you!

Note: Signing up does not mean you will be included in a research study; it just gives researchers a way to contact you and request your participation. You can opt-out at any time.

Why we need this

There is a tremendous need for more high-quality Montessori research. The Montessori Research Pool will allow researchers to find a broad range of participants that precisely match their study’s focus (e.g., parents, homeschoolers, people working with dementia, early childhood, adolescence, in public/private schools, administrators, etc.). 

How you can help spread the word

qr code for the Montessori research pool

Please include this sign-up link in your communications and share the QR code in your presentations. Together, we can create the foundations researchers need to delve deeper into the Montessori method!


The database will be managed by the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Researchers can gain access to the database by presenting their ethics board (IRB) approval to the University.

Interested researchers should contact  

March 20, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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Agnes Varga

Agnes Varga said:

Hi, I’m a homeschooling mom with no “official” training, but with 10 years+ practice and many, many conferences, shorter or longer courses (IMI Barcelona, Keys of the Universe, Trillium Montessori) behind my back.

Julia Volkman

Julia Volkman said:

Yes! Please join the pool! We want Montessorians from all walks of life and with all variations of training/understanding of the method. Our goal is to help connect researchers with the people using the method in all of its forms.

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