Podcast: How Current Brain Research Shapes Our Work in the Montessori Classroom

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Julia was absolutely thrilled to chat with her old friend and inspiring Montessori leader, Tamara Balis. They recorded a new episode of the Voices in Montessori podcast developed by the Greenspring Center for Lifelong Learning.

This podcast takes some of the everyday experiences we have with young children and connects them with neurodevelopment. We speak about:

  • Self-efficacy and how we might inadvertently decrease it
  • How simple daily practices contribute to long-term brain health
  • What we'll see when observing a child who is confident in what they're doing
  • How self-efficacy relates to plasticity
  • How the steps to doing a lesson influence a child's success
  • How precision and predictability help children relax
  • The sacred nature of our work with young children
  • The many paths to mastery (there is more than one way)
  • What to do if a child isn't where you expect them to be developmentally
  • When to be flexible in what lessons we offer
  • Overcoming our natural negativity bias

Come listen in on this wonderful conversation between two dedicated Montessorians.  

podcast on brain research and montessori
January 19, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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