Why are we staying home? A free e-book for children

ma stay at home book

Montessori teacher Angela Ma (Follow the Child Montessori, Raleigh, NC) has written a lovely picture book for you to share with your children. Ms. Ma offers a simple yet elegant explanation (with gorgeous illustrations) of why so many of us are home-bound during this pandemic. She has made it available free for anyone to download.

Here's what Ms. Ma has to say about her motivation for writing this story:

"I wrote this social story, complete with a drawing of my own adorable family, to offer a simple explanation for the reason we're all staying-at-home. Presenting a perspective of helpfulness and community empowers our young children to feel a sense of agency and connection. When we enter back into the community on the other side of this global experience, the opportunity to focus on social solidarity may likely have a more positive and protective impact on our children’s sense of security and well-being. I hope it is helpful to families who are looking for ways to support their children through this experience."

Print it out, bind it with ribbon, and read often! Then, inspire your children to make their own books about things that are important to them. Win-win!

March 30, 2020 by Julia Volkman
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Margaret Whitley

Margaret Whitley said:

This is lovely and simple. A great message about our human connectedness and interdependence.

Naomi Whitehead

Naomi Whitehead said:

Thank you for this fabulous resource! I will enjoy sharing this with my class.


Alejandra said:

Hello ! Thank you for your great resources I love your ideas. This book is so pretty and very well done.
But just in case you didn’t notice at the beginning it says there is a virus call COVID19 but the virus it is not the Covid 19 this is the illness the virus causes and the virus itself is called SARS-CoV2 or corona virus.

Angela Ma

Angela Ma said:

Hi Alejandra, thank you for your encouragement and information. I certainly appreciate accurate language. If given the opportunity to remake and redistribute, that would be something helpful to consider.

jackie funk

jackie funk said:

Beautiful art work.

lizzie kotyankar

lizzie kotyankar said:

It was so neat to see your name on this book!.. You are an inspiring person and teacher. Thank you for sharing this. It is lovely!!


Christine said:

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

Nadia Bayrami

Nadia Bayrami said:

This is so lovely….Thank you for sharing.

Fanny Polanco

Fanny Polanco said:

This is a lovely book, it helps us to talk to the children how to keep positive during this hard times. Thank you for sharing, Great pictures too.

Aimee Lovejoy

Aimee Lovejoy said:

Do you have a spanish version?

Julia Volkman

Julia Volkman said:

@Aimee Lovejoy: That’s a great idea but I’m afraid we do not have one. Maybe you could write it!

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