Long Cloth Pouches

$169.95 USD

These 6.5"W x 2.75"H (approx. folded size) fabric pouches are a beautiful way to present your card material to the children. These are the highest quality you will ever find... perfect seams, fully-lined, just gorgeous!

The single interior pocket elegantly stores our long Grammar phrase cards and our Phonetic Word Cards (sold separately) but there are many other possible uses (your own sentence cards, math equations, etc.). You can place these on a shelf just like a basket or tray, ready for the children to choose. We offer them in an abundance of great fabrics for color-coding and to complement your style. Get one of each and save on the set! 

Choose from the Options drop-down menu to select the colors you need.

Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.


  • Long Pouch Set/19: P1LSET19
  • Set/8 Brights (Berry, Cerulean Blue, Chartreuse, Cyan, Lemon, Orange, Purple, Red): P1LBRIGHTS/8
  • Set/5 Earth Tones (Camel, Ivory, Light Blue, Pine, Toffee): P1LEARTH/5
  • Set/5 Pastels (Grey, Ivory, Light Blue, Peach, Pink): P1LPASTEL/5
  • Berry: P1LBERRY
  • Tan: P1LCAMEL
  • Cerulean Blue: P1LCERBLUE - Use for our Grammar: Adjective 1 Cards
  • Chartreuse: P1LCHART
  • Cyan: P1LCYAN
  • Deep Red: P1LDPRED - Use for our Grammar: Command Cards (Steps 13-16)
  • Green: P1LGREEN - Use for our Grammar: Preposition Cards
  • Grey: P1LGREY
  • Ivory: P1LIVORY
  • Lemon: P1LLEM
  • Light Blue: P1LLTBLUE
  • Orange: P1LORANG
  • Peach: P1LPEACH
  • Pine: P1LPINE
  • Pink: P1LPINK - Use for our Grammar: Conjunction Cards
  • Purple: P1LPURP
  • Red: P1LRED - Use for our Grammar: Verb Activities (Steps 10-12)
  • Teal: P1LTEAL
  • Toffee: P1LTOF