Sandpaper Letters SVG for Cricut

$7.95 USD

Use your Cricut or other cutting plotter to make your own cursive or print sandpaper letters!

The Montessori Sandpaper Letter Cricut SVG:

  • Includes templates for all 26 letters of our alphabet

  • Includes templates for 17 key sounds/phonograms

    • (ai as in paint, ar as in yarn, au as in Paul, ch as in chip, ee as in tree, er as in fern, ie as in pie, ng as in king, oa as in boat, oo as in book, or as in corn, ou as in cloud, oy as in boy, qu as in quick, sh as in ship, th as in moth, ue as in blue)
  • Provides specific directions on where to place each letter on its board and the recommended dimensions for each board

If you are not sure which font you need, read our blog post on choosing the right font.

There are many tiny details that go into making the perfect sandpaper letters. For example, aside from getting the letter shapes just right, there is also the placement of each letter on each card and the size of each card. Did you know that the left margins should be wider? This provides a visual support to help the child orient the letter right-side up.

This SVG takes the worry out of making these letters. We have thought of all the details so you can just follow the directions and have fun crafting and then using the beautiful letters.

Our detailed instructions explain how to:

  • Option 1 (recommended): Make letters from sandpaper

  • Option 2: Make letters from felt

  • Make each letter's card/board the right size

  • Orient each letter on the card/board to optimize the child's ability to trace

This SVG also includes the most comprehensive sandpaper letter lesson plan available with activities for typical learners, atypical learners, and learners who need remediation.

For more information on how to use the sandpaper letters, watch the video below and read our blog post on using the sandpaper letters.


Created by a Montessori teacher.



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