Grammar Set

$109.95 USD

This is what you want: save nearly 40% when you buy the complete set. This includes the complete materials for all Function of Words Grammar Activities (for the primary classroom). The set contains all sixteen packets fully laminated and ready for immediate use including the article, the adjective (activities 1-2), the conjunction, the preposition, the verb (activities 1-5), the adverb (activities 1-2), and commands (activities 1-4).

  • Fully laminated
  • Rounded corners (no pricked fingers or dog-eared cards)
  • Comes with proportional card stock grammar symbols ready to cut out
  • Lesson plan and contents list included

Cloth pouches sold separately (click on Options above to select). Word cards are approximately 2.75" x 1.75". Phrase cards are approximately 5.5" x 1.75".

Created by a Montessori teacher and eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office.

Made in the USA.


Item #: GRALL

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