We are utterly caught up in the human tendency for precision along with deep care and respect for the environment. When you couple those two facts together, you end up with the quality and safety that you can trust.


Everything we make and offer for sale meets or exceeds CPSIA requirements. That means we have carefully inspected and considered the components of all of our raw materials. On top of that, we sent our card/book materials to a testing lab to make sure everything from the laminate to the book coils were free from any concerning components. Because we're a small batch manufacturer, we're not technically required to do that. But, we did it anyway because, seriously, who wants to make something that might hurt a child? That is the antithesis of what we're going for. 


We are not trying to clutter or overwhelm your learning areas. In fact, we firmly believe that less is more. So, all of our materials have a specific and necessary purpose. In fact, our whole company began because our founder couldn't find the materials she needed for her early childhood classroom. No one made them according to the highest standards so she did. 

All of our learning resources and materials were designed by or in collaboration with our founder, an AMI credentialed early childhood teacher who studied cognitive neuroscience at Harvard. Once a material is designed, we send it out to teacher trainers, teachers, and/or subject matters experts to further review everything for accuracy and relevance. They put it to rigorous use with children to make sure we haven't missed anything in our design. We don't want to offer anything that isn't of the highest pedagogical value! 

So, everything you find here you can trust to be not only accurate but quite beneficial on the road to nurturing optimal development.


The young child notices every tiny detail so we have to notice every tiny detail. We make materials that isolate the concept being taught. If you have spots on the page, poor color quality, or other manufacturing defects (common and acceptable to most print houses), the child notices and may be distracted by them.

We are so hyper-focused on quality that we make everything by hand, in-house so we can be sure all materials meet our high expectations. We actually tried to send things to other printers (both in the US and abroad) but were deeply disappointed in the results. Others just don't have the attention to detail that we (and the young child) have. 

But, because we are environmentally-conscious, we have created a whole line of scratch & dent materials that don't pass our rigorous quality control standards. Many teachers can't find the defects in these materials but we can.