Wedding Photos in Geography Cards


I'm wondering if you are aware that all of your 'wedding' photos in geography folder set 2 are heteronormative. If you have plans to adjust that I would love to hear about it. I felt the need to remove that theme from my folders. Otherwise I think the set is great! Thank you so much.


Thank you for reaching out about this. We put a tremendous effort into choosing equitable photos for all of our geography cards. As you can guess, this was no easy undertaking! It took three years and many reviews with teacher trainers to iron-out the themes and photos that present an accurate portrait of cultures and people around the world. For each continent, we tried to represent proportionally the peoples on that continent. We were definitely not able to cover all of the gorgeous variety that makes up all of humanity. We did our best and hope that these cards are a starting point for greater conversations about the issue you raise.
February 27, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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