What do we offer our four-year-old who is starting to read?


My son is four and understands the sound form of alphabets. He can also read simple three letter words. But we want to increase his reading abilities. What is a good way to start?


Excellent question. You can expand the phonetic words he's able to read with our phonetic reading cards (level 1 and level 2) and phonetic activity cards

If he doesn't know his phonograms/key sounds yet, you can introduce the phonogram alphabet. Once he knows those, encourage him to phonetically spell any word he wants by using the phonogram alphabet alongside the traditional movable alphabet. It is this practice building words and expressing their own ideas that really helps children love language. From there you can move into the phonogram 3-part reading cardsphonogram lists, and Dwyer Phonogram Spelling Folders.

You may be interested in our pre-reading collection and beginning reading collection. These bundle together the key materials you need for each stage of reading development. Even though he's already reading some words, the pre-reading collection includes materials to expand his vocabulary and general knowledge. Once you spark his interests, he will be internally motivated to start reading everything he can find about his favorite things.

All of this is explained in the Dwyer booklet and in our Language Teacher Education Album. More information is also available in our Learning Center (What should I order?) and Pedagogy Blog (Five steps to literacy).

We hope this helps!

March 05, 2023 by Julia Volkman
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