Botany "Parts of" Book & Card Set/4

$229.95 USD

This discounted set includes one of each of our botany "Parts of" materials for Flower (Monocot and Dicot), Tree, and Leaf including:

  • Four Vocabulary Card packets  (monocot flower, dicot flower, leaf, and tree) 
  • Four Definition books (monocot flower, dicot flower, leaf, and tree)
  • Four 3-Part Card packets (monocot flower, dicot flower, leaf, and tree)
  • Four Definition Card packets (monocot flower, dicot flower, leaf, and tree)
  • Lesson plan included

This is a material that lasts for years and grows with the child.

Step 1: Introduce the vocabulary cards in 3-period vocabulary lessons.

Step 2: Read the book together.

Step 3: When the children begin reading non-phonetic words, introduce the 3-part cards.

Step 4: Once the children are reading more fluently, add in the definition cards. First, match the vocabulary card pictures to the full definition (stage 1). Use the book as a control so the child can check their work independently. Next, when they are ready for more challenge, repeat this lesson but use the stage 2 definition cards (definitions cut into the term and the definition). Finally, use stage 3 definition cards (definitions cut into the term, first-half of the definition, and second-half of the definition).

All materials in this set are fully laminated and ready for use. Created by a Montessori teacher. Eco-printed by parents/teachers/students in our rural New England office.

Made in the USA.

Item #: SPOBOT


For elegant storage and display, we recommend the following cloth pouches (sold separately): 


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