Alphabet Pouches

$49.95 USD

We are so excited to offer these cloth pouches to hold and display our movable alphabets. These pouches check off every thing on our list:

  • 100% cotton has a soft feel; internal stabilizer makes it firm, not floppy
  • Eco-happy recycled, food-grade, transparent laminate securely holds the letters in place
  • Rounded corners on the laminate edges to avoid poking fingers
  • Pouches fold into quarters for carrying so cards don't fall out during transport
  • Can be hung up for display or folded down to save space
  • Color-coded to match the alphabet letters 


Approximate sizes are as follows:

  • Pink, Red, Blue, and Black
    • Unfolded size is 16" W x 31" H 
    • Folded size is 8" W x 15.5" H 
    • Pouches are 2.5" W x 1.5" H
  • Green
    • Unfolded size is 18" W x 20" H
    • Folded size is 9" W x 10" H
    • Pouches are 2.75" W x 1.5" H

    Choose from the style drop-down menu to select the pouch you need. Movable alphabets sold separately. 

    You can stack these up on a shelf for easy, compact storage.

    We recommend offering a careful presentation the first time you use the alphabet with children. Demonstrate the left hand, first finger holding the letters in place while the right hand, pincer grip removes one letter from the top.

    Made in the USA. Fabrics may change slightly from those pictured.


    • Traditional Pink Alphabet Pouch (no cards): PMATR
    • Phonogram Green Alphabet Pouch (no cards): PMAPH
    • Black Alphabet Pouch (no cards): PMABL
    • Red Alphabet Pouch (no cards): PMARD
    • Blue Alphabet Pouch (no cards): PMABLU