Apron Sets: Hook & Loop Waist

$199.95 USD

We've created an array of aprons with matching mats so you can color-coordinate all of your activities.

Choose your Size

Our Primary aprons are designed for children aged 3 to 6. The apron dimensions are approx. 17.75" L x 12.5" W. 

Our Elementary aprons are designed for children aged 6 to 9. The apron dimensions are approx. 22" L x 15.5" W.

The following table includes a few suggestions for color-coding our apron/mat sets with key early childhood Montessori activities.

Water-resistant aprons

Activity Apron/mat set
Chalkboard washing Sage green
Carrot Cutting/Orange Juicing Papaya
Cloth washing Navy
Dish washing Tile
Easel painting Lavender
Flower arranging Plum Flower
Food Preparation Strawberry/Aqua Stripe
Hand washing Fog Grey
Land & Water Pouring Whales
Metal polishing Blue flower
Table scrubbing Sand
Wood polishing Maize


Cloth aprons


Apron/mat set

Apple cutting

Red cloth


Lemon cloth

Egg peeling

Ivory cloth

Leaf/plant care

Green cloth


Cerulean blue cloth



  • Set/8 Solids (Strawberry, Fog, Lavender, Maize, Navy, Papaya, Sage, and Sand): APVSOLID/8 (Primary) or AEVSOLID/8 (Elementary)
  • Set/3 Primary Colors (Navy, Maize, Strawberry): APVPRIM (Primary) or AEVPRIM (Elementary)
  • Set/5 Cloth (Cerulean Blue, Ivory, Green, Lemon, Red): APVCLOTH/5 (Primary) or AEVCLOTH/5 (Elementary)