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Apron & Mat Sets

$389.95 USD

There are so many aprons/mats needed in a Montessori early childhood environment. We've created an array of aprons with matching mats so you can color-coordinate all of your activities.

Our Complete Water-Resistant Apron Set/13 includes one each of the following aprons (matching mats are available for all water-resistant aprons these aprons):

  • Aqua stripe
  • Blue flower
  • Brick
  • Cork
  • Maize
  • Navy
  • Plum flower
  • Sage green
  • Sand
  • Tile
  • Yellow Flower
  • Whale

Our Complete Cloth Apron Set/5 includes one of each of the following aprons:

  • Cerulean blue cloth
  • Green cloth
  • Ivory cloth
  • Red cloth
  • Yellow cloth

Choose to get them all with hook/loop waists (like Velcro but stronger) or a mix of tie waists and hook/loop waists (recommended). No matter which you prefer, all of these aprons are made of water resistant laminated cotton or water-resistant natural cork.

You can also get a set of our matching water-resistant table/floor mats. These use the identical fabric to our aprons so they make a perfect set for key classroom activities like table scrubbing, wood polishing, or food preparation.

The following table includes a few suggestions for color-coding our apron/mat sets with key early childhood Montessori activities.

Water-resistant aprons

Activity Apron/mat set
Chalkboard washing Sage green
Cloth washing Navy
Dish washing Tile
Easel painting Red slicker
Flower arranging Plum Flower
Food Preparation Brick red/Maize
Hand washing Aqua Stripe
Land & Water Pouring Whales
Metal polishing Blue flower
Shoe polishing Cork
Table scrubbing Sand
Wood polishing Yellow Flower


Cloth aprons


Apron/mat set

Apple cutting

Red cloth


Lemon cloth

Egg peeling

Ivory cloth

Leaf/plant care

Green cloth


Cerulean blue cloth



  • Set/13 hook/loop waist: apvset/13
  • Set/13 mixed tie and hook/loop waist: apvtset13
  • Set/13 mats: apmset/13
  • Set/5 solids (sand, sage, navy, maize, brick) hook/loop waist: apvsolids/5
  • Set/5 solids (sand, sage, navy, maize, brick) tie waist: aptsolids/5
  • Set/5 cloth: apvcloth/5